Pantathean Terms and Conditions

The following representations and conditions apply to the aforementioned puppy:

  1. The puppy has been wormed and vaccinated (C3) in accordance with veterinary recommendations, and was examined by a veterinarian at the time of vaccination. (Moorong Street Veterinary Centre.)
  2. As of the date of this agreement, the puppy is in good health and free of communicable diseases.
  3. The owner has 72 hours to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian and to personally inspect the puppy.
  4. The owner is completely satisfied with, and waives all claims regarding the puppy’s conformation and outward appearance (meaning that the puppy meets the Breed Standard at this age)
  5. A full list of instructions will accompany the puppy on the care and maintenance and feeding of said puppy.
  6. The puppy has been microchipped as per the accompanying paperwork, and Pantathean reserve the right to be secondary contact on the registration.
  7. Pantathean has taken appropriate steps as far as we are able, to minimise the possibility of inheritable diseases through the screening of parents and associated research; however the new owner acknowledges that the risks of hip and / or elbow disease and other inheritable disorders are always present and cannot be totally avoided. If it transpires that the puppy develops a known hereditary condition specifically associated with the breed and this is supported by a report from two qualified veterinarians, then Pantathean happily agrees to provide another puppy of the same quality, free of charge from the next available litter. Shipping costs remain the responsibility of the original purchaser.
  8. All outstanding paperwork will be mailed to the owner as soon as it is available.

Pantathean GSD