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17855647 275673782883540 3722938114483473232 O
17880028 275705676213684 8524192359828014320 O
17880492 275705682880350 6659653675057702588 O
17880693 275705796213672 2348176795564111893 O
17917114 275648606219391 2279175303866695123 O
17918027 275648729552712 617177838301247572 O
17918066 275646966219555 7435832837344170311 O
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17966435 275678096216442 1766128032352676003 O
17966520 275678222883096 2401139632914866314 O
17966528 275652952885623 8233994931585066315 O
17966594 275678242883094 4825394714590112018 O
17966704 276068356177416 7651043837242144059 O
17966773 275709296213322 2345714922186470960 O
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17972071 275705876213664 8684057698748789420 O
17972078 275705669547018 4210448455943435962 O
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17972165 275673899550195 5556148911113022973 O
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17973679 275646909552894 2422388554479423257 O
17973714 275673792883539 1267358378159428578 O
17973835 275671349550450 1671184770506132303 O
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17990321 275647092886209 7661872962424699504 O
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17362488 264628333988085 693896439250373382 N
17424636 264628400654745 1445246902654835863 N
17457420 264628427321409 3768572456582184425 N
17457924 264628313988087 3070999520367244124 N
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17458192 264628183988100 3834317854224853900 N
17458291 264628247321427 4904927417408097329 N
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17498420 264628193988099 7882593798240475733 N
17498542 264628277321424 1645372787431263310 N
17499082 264628370654748 7314328611600795887 N
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17522549 264628090654776 2539267414336600827 N

Pantathean Terms and Conditions

The following representations and conditions apply to the aforementioned puppy:

  1. The puppy has been wormed and vaccinated (C3) in accordance with veterinary recommendations, and was examined by a veterinarian at the time of vaccination. (Moorong Street Veterinary Centre.)
  2. As of the date of this agreement, the puppy is in good health and free of communicable diseases.
  3. The owner has 72 hours to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian and to personally inspect the puppy.
  4. The owner is completely satisfied with, and waives all claims regarding the puppy’s conformation and outward appearance (meaning that the puppy meets the Breed Standard at this age)
  5. A full list of instructions will accompany the puppy on the care and maintenance and feeding of said puppy.
  6. The puppy has been microchipped as per the accompanying paperwork, and Pantathean reserve the right to be secondary contact on the registration.
  7. Pantathean has taken appropriate steps as far as we are able, to minimise the possibility of inheritable diseases through the screening of parents and associated research; however the new owner acknowledges that the risks of hip and / or elbow disease and other inheritable disorders are always present and cannot be totally avoided. If it transpires that the puppy develops a known hereditary condition specifically associated with the breed and this is supported by a report from two qualified veterinarians, then Pantathean happily agrees to provide another puppy of the same quality, free of charge from the next available litter. Shipping costs remain the responsibility of the original purchaser.
  8. All outstanding paperwork will be mailed to the owner as soon as it is available.

Family Pets

Our German Shepherd dogs are available to the public as pets. Security, companionship and protection are all benefits of these fantastic animals. If you are interested in acquiring a German Shepherd then you will need to complete a vetting process beforehand. An application form can be found here.

If you have specific requirements or are looking for more information before you come to a decision feel free to contact us. All purchases give unrestricted access to our "Puppy Etiquette" Facebook page where you can ask questions and chat to other GSD owners. We are also available for questions or additional training if you require it - Just ask!

Please Note: We reserve the right to restrict sales if we determine that the dog’s safety and wellbeing cannot be assured. We also restrict the sale or movement of the dogs after they have left our possession to ensure that they are not forced to breed or end up in an undesirable position. We do this because we care deeply about our four legged friends.

Canine service


These dogs have a loving temperament and want to feel nurtured. Unless you abuse or mistreat them they will not harm or hurt you or your loved ones. This is a misnomer when it comes to the breed – No dog is “evil”.

Loyalty and trust

Loyalty and Trust

GSD love to please. They have a drive to impress and protect their owners, forming a bond which the dog will remember for its entire life. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for protection or just companionship you can be assured that a GSD can meet both requirements.

Lifelong Friendship

A family pet is not something that you should pick lightly. German Shepherds can live up to 13 years and are extremely active for the majority of their lives.

If you are looking for companionship and prepared to nurture man’s best friend, then you cannot go wrong with this breed.

Protect and Defend

GSD are fiercely loyal and determined to ensure that their human friends are protected. For home security, a trained dog can ensure that your home remains safe.

Their strength and Intelligence allows them to know when a situation is not normal and their strong temperament means they will not back down when a threatening situation is present.

GSD Service Training

Training is done on site at our new facility in Junee. Ensuring that the correct techniques are followed through we can promote correct bite technique and confidence during far attacks or conflicting, busy scenarios.

Bite training is best left to the professionals. We would recommend speaking to us before starting your own training in order to minimise risk of injury to yourself and the animal. Bonding with your animal will promote a stronger urge to protect you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i purchase a GSD?

Can i purchase a GSD?

We are very strict with who can own and purchase our GSDs. You may be required to go through a vetting process where we assure you have met the requirements for ownership.

These may include but are not limited to:

  • Adequate land and space
  • Your level of fitness (So the dog is always walked and active)
  • Any criminal history
  • Adequate income to ensure correct food and bedding

What GSDs are available?

What GSDs are available?

We produce litters and train them for several weeks before they become available to the public. Some dogs may go through police training before hand - These trained dogs have been rejected from the training programs for having a loving temperment or being to playful - Something thats perfect for a family companion.

Check out our facebook for more up to date information about our current active litters.

What are the price ranges?

What are the price ranges?

Prices can vary on the specific shepherd and / or situation. Occasionally we have older dogs which are not as active as their younger counterparts. These can become excellent companions for the elderly.

We do try to not place a standard price on a living breathing creature - Give us a call about your specific enquiry and we will do everything we can to explain the process.

Pantathean GSD