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About us here at Pantathean GSD

"The German Shepherd, to belong to one is not a right, it's a privilege."

Paul & Anna established Pantathean GSD in Plymouth United Kingdom in 1994. We had both loved the breed and wanted to experience first-hand the training and development of this wonderful breed. Our first bitch was Mya and Thor soon followed. Both were unique and were the foundation of Pantathean UK.

We have had people contact us since we emigrated to ask about repeat purchases 12 years on when their Pantathean GSD had passed away, tracking us down on the other side of the world to ask for a puppy. We learnt very quickly how easily damaged this breed can be, and how they need people. They pick their person and stick with that person. Once a shepherd has made you his or hers there is nothing they won’t endure for you.

Training should start immediately at 8 weeks, so that boundaries are set and established and you and your dog know where you stand. We have found that cherry picking from formulas and best practices that are always available has worked best for us. We choose the aspects that deliver the best result – this changes from dog to dog as no two are the same. The meeting of minds that you experience with this breed is astounding, and their ability to know what you are thinking is unique. They are sensitive, brave, possessive, suspicious and absolutely trusting. They are smart and energetic yet you can wear them out by making them think.

We raised our 4 children alongside our shepherd pack – One of our bitches would physically check each child before settling down to sleep herself. Our lead male would prevent our youngest child from running onto the road by creating a physical barrier that our toddler couldn’t get past.

Our dogs emigrated with us to Australia in 2006, where they enjoyed their retirement. Since losing them one by one, we have worked to establish the lines we want here in Australia.

We have worked with this breed for many years and hold true to the original purpose of the breed, hence we actively seek to better the working lines, developing strong healthy dogs with stable temperaments, substantial bone and forward outgoing personalities. To this end we have imported dogs directly from Germany and New Zealand, to ensure that we can provide the very best as family pets, guardians and sport dogs. The right combination of genetics and health are vital to the delivery of this ideal. We take an active interest in the progress of our dogs and always appreciate feedback from their owners. We love them, and whilst they may become your dog, they will always be our babies.

The German Shepherd, to belong to one is not a right, it’s a privilege.


Meet the dogs

At Pantathean GSD; healthy breeding and stock purity is always a requirement. We hold certifications from the Royal NSW Canine Council and the Australian National Kennel Council to ensure no detrimental traits are present in our litters.

ANKC Registered Breeders. All our breeding dogs are health screened: Hip and elbow scores (breed surveyed) and DNA profiled to ensure that there are no detrimental traits.

Looking for a service dog or a loyal family pet? German Shepherd dogs (GSD) strive to work alongside humans and can accomplish a wide range of tasks including police work, search and rescue and/or lifelong friendship.

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