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About our service dogs

Family Pets

Our German Shepherd dogs are available to the public as pets. Security, companionship and protection are all benefits of these fantastic animals. If you are interested in acquiring a German Shepherd then you will need to complete a vetting process beforehand. An application form can be found here.

If you have specific requirements or are looking for more information before you come to a decision feel free to contact us. All purchases give unrestricted access to our “Pantathean Puppy People” Facebook page where you can ask questions and chat to other GSD owners. We are also available for questions or additional training if you require it – Just ask!

Please Note: We reserve the right to restrict sales if we determine that the dog’s safety and wellbeing cannot be assured. We also restrict the sale or movement of the dogs after they have left our possession to ensure that they are not forced to breed or end up in an undesirable position. Our dogs are sold on contract which determines eligibility for breeding and future disposal of the dog should it come up. We insist that dogs come back to us so that we can re-home them. We do this because we care deeply about our four legged friends.


We are proud to work alongside NSW police in providing and training German Shepherd Dogs for emergency service work. This is handled by our team of dedicated, professionals whom work with our GSD’s to train and promote good behavioural assets. Training involves ensuring the dogs know and respond to commands, commit to the activity they are presented (regaurdless of distraction) and know when to stop and to return to the handler.

If you or someone you know is interested in a supplier of such dogs, please contact us for discussion. You do not have to be in an emergency service industry to apply – You will still be required to go through a propper vetting process before we will allow a dog to be handed over.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I purchase a GSD?

We are very strict with who can own and purchase our GSDs. You may be required to go through a vetting process where we assure you have met the requirements for ownership.

These may include but are not limited to:
Adequate land and space
Your level of fitness (So the dog is always walked and active)
Any criminal history
Adequate income to ensure correct food and bedding


What GSDs are available?

We produce litters and at 6 weeks of age we start lead training, socialisation within our pack, day walks through paddocks to negotiate different surfaces, night walks to stabilise them to lack of light, and two weeks of engagement training which gets them to work for their food. They are vaccinated, microchipped, and introduced to travel and crate training.

If asked by the police we can provide startup training.

Check out our facebook for more up to date information about our current active litters.

German Shepherds were bred specifically for their intelligence...


These dogs have a loving temperament and want to feel nurtured. Unless you abuse or mistreat them they will not harm or hurt you or your loved ones. This is a misnomer when it comes to the breed – No dog is “evil”.

Highly Trainable

All of our puppies leave us lead trained and making eye contact with handler. That provides a blank piece of paper for training to continue. We do temperament testing which is designed to determine a puppys suitability to be a pet or a service dog. It means that we do not put the wrong dogs in the wrong hands and create a problem. It also means people do not get to pick their puppy. We pick a puppy based on a client's criteria hence our level of questioning when applications first come in.

Respected in the Industry

Pantathean has a long history of providing highly trained German Shepherds for all ranges of service. If you are looking for a supplier for your business you can be assured of quality.

Protect and Defend

Dedicated to their job, these dogs will seek out their purpose and commit to it. Specifically trained not to give up when the task gets tough.

We are proud to work alongside NSW police

Get to know the dogs

At Pantathean GSD; healthy breeding and stock purity is always a requirement. We hold certifications from the Royal NSW Canine Council and the Australian National Kennel Council to ensure no detrimental traits are present in our litters.

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