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Working alongside NSW police

About Our Service Dogs

We are proud to work alongside NSW police in providing and training German Shepherd Dogs for emergency service work. This is handled by our team of dedicated, professionals whom work with our GSD’s to train and promote good behavioural assets. Training involves ensuring the dogs know and respond to commands, commit to the activity they are presented (regaurdless of distraction) and know when to stop and to return to the handler.

If you or someone you know is interested in a supplier of such dogs, please contact us for discussion. You do not have to be in an emergency service industry to apply – You will still be required to go through a propper vetting process before we will allow a dog to be handed over.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I purchase a GSD?

We are very strict with who can own and purchase our GSDs. You may be required to go through a vetting process where we assure you have met the requirements for ownership.
These may include but are not limited to:
Adequate land and space
Your level of fitness (So the dog is always walked and active)
Any criminal history
Adequate income to ensure correct food and bedding

GSD Service Training

Training is done on site at our new facility in Junee. Ensuring that the correct techniques are followed through we can promote correct bite technique and confidence during far attacks or conflicting, busy scenarios.
Bite training is best left to the professionals. We would recommend speaking to us before starting your own training in order to minimise risk of injury to yourself and the animal. Bonding with your animal will promote a stronger urge to protect you and your family.

What GSDs are available?

We produce litters and train them for several weeks before they become available to the public. Some dogs may go through police training before hand - These trained dogs have been rejected from the training programs for having a loving temperment or being to playful - Something thats perfect for a family companion.
Check out our facebook for more up to date information about our current active litters.

German Shepherds were bred specifically for their intelligence...

Quality Service Dogs

Trained to obey instruction, serve and protect. Whether the task is sentry, attack or hunt.

Loyalty and Trust

GSD love to please. They have a drive to impress and protect their owners, forming a bond which the dog will remember for its entire life. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for protection or just companionship you can be assured that a GSD can meet both requirements.

Lifelong Friendship

A family pet is not something that you should pick lightly. German Shepherds can live up to 13 years and are extremely active for the majority of their lives.

If you are looking for companionship and prepared to nurture man’s best friend, then you cannot go wrong with this breed.

Protect and Defend

GSD are fiercely loyal and determined to ensure that their human friends are protected. For home security, a trained dog can ensure that your home remains safe.

Their strength and Intelligence allows them to know when a situation is not normal and their strong temperament means they will not back down when a threatening situation is present.

We are proud to work alongside NSW police

Get to know the dogs

At Pantathean GSD; healthy breeding and stock purity is always a requirement. We hold certifications from the Royal NSW Canine Council and the Australian National Kennel Council to ensure no detrimental traits are present in our litters.

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